It’s The Groom’s Turn

As we were discussing last week, a lot of brides we’ve worked with don’t always include their groom in choices concerning certain elements of the wedding – especially when it comes to details such as flowers, centerpieces, and the wedding cake.

Although a couple of our brides actually took their future husbands with them to the cake tastings (and I got to go on one of them and it was wonderful!) and even had them help in the actual design selection, in our experience, it’s the bride who makes the final decision on the most special dessert they’ll ever serve!

I have to say I am very much looking forward to going on cake tastings with my daughter – even though she and her fiancé have already determined it’s going to be almond flavored. But there are a LOT of variations on almond flavor….

Since the bride usually determines not only the style of the cake, but also what goes on top of it, maybe that’s why grooms’ cakes are becoming so much more prevalent at today’s weddings. After all, the groom is a VERY important part of the event!

The groom’s cake is usually a gift from the bride to the groom. At one wedding we attended the bride actually made the groom’s cake herself – a wonderful creation in the shape of a shark for her new husband, a scuba diver hobbyist whose dream was to go down in a shark tank to see all the sharks, well, up close and personal! (And he actually did that a few months later!)


This fishing tackle box at another wedding was so detailed, no one wanted to cut it!


There are almost as many legends as to the history of the groom’s cake as there are variations on the theme and style. Some say it was once served by the groom to the bridesmaids; others say it was originally a rich un-decorated fruit cake. Others say it was the top layer of the bride’s cake which was preserved for their first anniversary. Still other legends have the groom’s cake as slices of the confection wrapped in individual monogrammed boxes given to guests as wedding favors.

We really like this particular groom’s cake…very elegant….like a guy’s version of a box of candy!

tuxedo-grooms-cake BridePop

But whatever the origins, the groom’s cakes of today most always are created to reflect the groom’s hobbies or special interests, from his favorite drink or hobby to his favorite football or baseball team. And everything in between. These were made by a friend of ours who owns Cake Delights of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

We especially like this “crazy” one….very unusual! Would this be you?

Tricky CakeOr how about these creations which were featured on another internet wedding site,

wedloft trio

While Cake-A-Bye Baby has never made a groom’s cake – yet – who knows what we could create if asked…but seriously, let’s reserve the adult diapers for the milestone birthdays! Maybe we could use rolled up newspapers or sports magazines for the cake portion – what do you think?

Our daughter will be getting married in a year and a half, and even though they both want a beach-themed wedding, her fiancé is an avid hunter, and she’s already planning a groom’s cake in camouflage with a deer head or two! And yes, she really likes this one!


How that’s going to go along with the shells and starfish remains to be seen, but we have some talented vendors we work with, so I’m sure it’ll work out. Somehow.

Any suggestions?

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